Karen Mattson

Karen MattsonSenior Principal Scientist
Bayer Material Science

Karen Mattson is a senior principal scientist at Bayer MaterialScience LLC in Pittsburgh who has held various positions in industrial analytical organizations for over 20 years and is currently managing the company’s environmental analytics group which includes its industrial hygiene and environmental testing laboratories. Dr. Mattson earned a B.S. with honors in chemistry from The Pennsylvania State University and a Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Bayer’s industrial hygiene laboratory provides analytical testing for airborne and surface contaminants in the workplace, specializing in isocyanate analysis of personal exposure monitoring samples from Bayer’s production plants and those of our customers. The laboratory has been the contract laboratory for the American Chemistry Council (ACC)/National Institutes of Safety and Health TDI epidemiology study for the past six years and is involved in the analysis of samples for several different research projects for the ACC Center for the Polyurethanes Industry.

The environmental testing laboratory performs a variety of environmental analyses and provides specialized environmental testing. Much of the laboratory’s work is currently focused on product emissions and developing chamber testing methods for these analyses. The group is very active on standards committees such as ASTM and ISO which are developing national and international standards to quantify the emissions from products. Having developed EPA CTM 036, the laboratory also provides stack emissions testing for Bayer’s isocyanate customers.

Dr. Mattson is a member of the International Isocyanates Institute (III) serving on both the Americas Analytical Working Group and the Analytical Advisory Group. She is III's US representative to the ISO work group responsible for isocyanate methods for workplace atmospheres (ISO TC 146/SC2/WG4).

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